I know others who have fallen, but I don't need to worry about this yet...

People of any age benefit from identifying and addressing potential fall hazards and ways your home can help you perform daily activites with ease and safety.

Waiting to address fall prevention in your home means you could fall. If this happens then someone else will have to make decisions about changes that have to be made in your home before you can leave the hospital or rehab.

Take action now to protect your quality of life...

Dont wait to identify fall hazards until you've actually had a fall. Research shows that after a serious fall, one out of two people cannot return home and most do not return to their previous walking ability.

After experiencing a fall, the fear of falling again can cause you be less confident, restrict your mobility, and make it difficult or even impossible to perform activities of daily living.

Make My Home Fit can help you minimize your risk of falling!

Take the Make My Home Fit assessment in the privacy of your own homeand at your own pace. All you have to do is answer the multiple choice questions. Based upon your answers, we instantly create a customized report explains potential hazardsthat may exist and options that can reduce or eliminate these hazards.Your answers are kept private and do not appear on the report.

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