Simple, private, and comprehensive

Designed by Human Factors and Ergonomic specialists, our assessments contain simple questions that enable you to assess your home, in private. Your report includes recommendations and modifications based upon your answers.

Many suggestions are cost-free and can be performed by a family member, neighbor or care giver. Over 90% do not require a contractor. You can make immediately necessary modifications now and continue to refer to the report to make modifications as your budget allows or as you require them.


Fall Prevention

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The Make My Home Fit fall prevention assessment takes you on a tour of your home to identify potential hazards for falls. As we age, we experience significant reduction in vision, hearing, balance, energy, and stamina. Few people realize the importance that the home environment contributes to compensate for the changes the body experiences.

Reviewing your home to find out how it can prevent falls could prevent you from becoming part of the 1 out of 3 seniors who fall each year and threaten their ability to live independently, often marking the beginning of the end.


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The Make My Home Fit Independence assessment takes you on a tour of your home to identify potential Fall Hazards plus potential threats to your independence or ability to live in your own home, and ways your home can make daily activities easier and safer. Research in area of human performance has found many things a home can offer to increase a person’s ability to do daily activities necessary for life and health.

Remaining active is key to good health and longevity, having your home help meet your own physical abilities is vital to remaining active. Most of us take some type of medication and many medications effect balance and stamina even without our realization, to prevent falls and maintain or increase independence, examining your home environment is imperative.